Life at The Top – Chapter 1280

During this time, Baz had come to know just how wealthy Jasper was. He also understood the full extent of Jasper’s influence in JW Company and even the whole of Southeast Province.

This made him even more grateful to Jasper. This man was of extremely high status, yet was willing to help his ordinary self.

Afraid that dallying would evoke Wendy’s nagging, Jasper moved on from small talk and waved the proposal in his hands. “Did you do this proposal?”

Baz replied embarrassedly, “They already handed it to you? I was the one who wrote it. Am… am I being overzealous?”

Baz knew his current level within the company, and how inappropriate it was to hand in a proposal on such a huge project.

He regretted it once he handed the proposal in, thinking that he would have to face a harsh scolding.

After all, JW Company had a strict employee hierarchical system and he had overstepped the boundaries of his position by handing in that proposal. Like a security guard doing the task of a director general. It would be weird if he was not chided.

“I’m more curious about why you think so well of this Downstream Investment Company. It’s in Tefa City, but most of JW Company’s main business is in the provincial capital, Nauritus City,” Jasper said.

Baz’s eyes lip up and he began to speak without stopping.

“Trust me, Mr. Laine. This Downstream Investment Company’s definitely been undervalued. If the company acquires it, then it’ll definitely be a profitable purchase. I’ve done market research too and I found that…”

Baz spoke for a whole ten minutes.

Jasper listened quietly while he looked through the report in his hands.

After Baz was done, Jasper replied, “You’re right. But did it occur to you that companies and owners local to Tefa City also have their eyes on this cash cow? We’re from Nauritus City, and to suddenly enter the competition would surely evoke hostility.”

Baz was stunned for a moment before he replied solemnly, “All I see is that this is a worthy investment. It might cost more than 10 million but it’ll definitely bring even bigger returns. I didn’t think about the other factors, but doesn’t every business have competition?”

Jasper did not say anything after this.

Baz was a little nervous as he stood in place.

He realized that his words were too impulsive.

‘Would this invoke Mr. Laine’s ire?’

Baz felt unsettled.

He was just a normal employee, after all. He had no right to tell Mr. Laine how to do business.

While Baz simmered nervously, Jasper spoke up. “Prepare your things and come with me to Tefa City tomorrow.”

Baz was overcome with joy when he heard Jasper.

“You agree to the acquisition, Mr. Laine?” Baz asked excitedly.

“Don’t look so happy just yet,” Jasper said with a crescent eyed smile, “Since we’re interfering with the purchase of Downstream Investment Company, we’ll surely be attacked by Tefa City’s local powers.”

“I’ll keep an eye on your performance and if I realize that you’re performing below standard, then I’ll give up on this investment and you alongside it.”

“Yes, Sir! ” Baz knew that this was a great opportunity and he immediately shouted.

A moment later, Jasper pressed his palm against the proposal as he watched Baz leave the office happily.

He knew that it had not been easy for Baz to acquire Downstream Investment Co., Ltd. in his past life. Back then, the man had almost been tossed by Tefa City’s huge family, the Convingtons, to feed the dogs.

However, as Baz had said just now, Downstream Investment Company was a profitable acquisition and business had always been filled with competition.

Jasper had no reason to give up on a business that would bring him ten times the profit in the future.

‘So what if you’re the Covington family?’

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