Life at The Top – Chapter 1283

“I’m just a normal businessman, nothing in comparison to the Covingtons, the biggest family in Tefa City.”

Jasper replied coldly.

“But if this is all you can do to make me give up on acquiring Downstream Investment Company, then I’m afraid it’s not enough.”

Jasper’s words caused Scott to flush in embarrassment. Scott glared at Jasper and suddenly began to laugh. With his hands behind his back, the man narrowed his eyes and walked over to Jasper slowly.

Meanwhile, his lackeys stared at Jasper and Julian warily, especially Julian.

After all, everyone had clearly seen how Julian fought.

Baz was nervous as well. He was afraid that Scott would do something to hurt Jasper.

However, Jasper remained unfazed and stood in place as Scott walked over to him.

Scott leaned into Jasper’s personal space slightly and said, “Interesting. Quite interesting indeed.”

“You’re from outside, aren’t you, brat?

“After all, no one would dare to talk to me like this in Tefa City.”

“Oh well, it’s been too long since I’ve had any rivals. I suppose a moron jumping out from time to time is part of the flavors of life. Rather interesting, I’d say.”

“You want Downstream Investment Company, right? Sure, then. The company’s having an auction tomorrow and I’ll be waiting for you here. I’d like to see how you plan to fight over this with me.”

Scott then scoffed wretchedly and poked Jasper’s chest as he said, “Word of advice, don’t go around asking about me. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’d flee overnight and I wouldn’t get to have any fun tomorrow.”

With that, Scott chortled loudly and turned to leave.

“Stand still.”

Jasper said calmly from behind.

Scott did not walk further and turned around to look at Jasper with a snort. “Why, are you afraid? Do you want to beg for mercy? Too late.”

“Unless you have your dog break his own arm.” Scott pointed at Julian when he said that.

“You hit my employee and you want to leave just like that?” Jasper asked calmly.

Scott scoffed and replied, “You hurt my men too, didn’t you? What more do you want?”

“Jul,” Jasper called out.

“Right here.” Julian stood beside Jasper.

“This Young Master Covington put a wound in Baz’s head. Go put the same wound on his head. An eye for an eye.”

Julian immediately pounced once Jasper finished talking.

Scott did not expect Jasper to have Julian attack him. There was no way this man did not fear Julian after everyone saw how ferocious the man fought.

Scott chose to back out temporarily because he was afraid Julian would attack.

The arrogant expression disappeared and Scott shouted, “What are you people waiting for? Come f*cking protect me!”

His lackeys had yet to act when Julian arrived before Scott.

No one saw what Julian did specifically. All they knew was that Julian closed his fingers and slapped Scott’s forehead before he immediately left.

Scott felt his head ache, followed by a searing pain on his forehead.

He did not even have the time to look at his forehead wound when a layer of red dyed his vision.

The fresh blood streaming from his forehead was what blinded him.

Scott closed his eyes instinctively in fear and both his hands began to grab around mindlessly.

“Aah! I can’t see! What happened to my eyes! ”

Scott shouted frantically; His lackeys were also in chaos. “Mr. Covington’s been hit! He’s injured! Quick, protect Mr. Covington!”

A few lackeys shouted frantically.

One slightly smarter lackey took some cloth to wipe the blood from Scott’s face. Now Scott could open his eyes as well.

Scott was relieved when his vision returned.

During the chaos, Scott almost thought that Julian had blinded him.

After the relief came deep mortification and hatred. Scott glared at Jasper and roared, “You f*cking called your dog to hit me?!”

“Just an eye for an eye. Watch your choice of words, or this won’t be the end of the lesson I’m about to teach you.” Jasper said calmly.

Scott’s anger was immediately quelled by the words.

He glanced at Julian beside Jasper fearfully. After seeing Julian’s strength, Scott knew that the man could easily defeat all his men.

Scott might be arrogant, but he was not an idiot.

He knew that he could not fight Jasper physically at such a time.

“Fine, then! An eye for an eye, huh!”

Scott glared at Jasper resentfully. He placed a hand over his forehead no one knew if this was out of pain or anger and said angrily, “Just you wait! You want Downstream Investment Company, huh? F*ck you! In your dreams!”

“I’ll kill you at the auction tomorrow!”

After uttering this threat, Scott was also afraid that Jasper would have Julian continue to beat him up, so he immediately fled with his lackeys.

The lackey that Julian had beaten up before had gotten up a time long ago and also fled.

Not that Jasper cared.

When it came to people like Scott, they had to be completely overwhelmed both in terms of power and wealth. It was unrealistic to have Julian kill the man now.

Since the auction was the next day, Jasper could naturally defeat the man then.

“Come on, let’s get you to the hospital,” Jasper turned and told Baz.

Baz flushed and stuttered, “Mr. Laine, I, I… Thank you!”

Jasper smiled. “What are you thanking me for? You’re my employee and you got beaten up for no reason over company matters. What kind of boss would I be to just watch as they bully you?”

Baz replied worriedly, “But the Covington family is very powerful here in Tefa City. If we offend them today and they plan to target us tomorrow, I’m afraid that we’d have to face a lot of trouble.”

“Why, are you afraid?” Jasper asked playfully.

Baz quickly shook his head and replied firmly, “I’m not afraid. Just worried that Scott will make us pay more than necessary just to screw us over.”

“Don’t worry. We’re acquiring this Downstream Investment Company no matter what. As for Whether we’ll have to pay more and how much more, Scott will still have to reimburse us in the end.”

Baz was stunned. He did not know where Jasper’s confidence came from.

“Alright. Don’t think too much about this, now. Let’s get your wound stitched up. It won’t be good to delay this for too long as it might leave a scar.”

Jasper clapped Baz’s shoulder and told Julian to drive the car over.

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